forethought: Comment on e740 Users Petition for PPC2003

If Toshiba refuses to update my E740s I swear I will never purchase another Toshiba product again. I was led to believe by Toshiba that updates were coming soon to take advantage of the new CPU. I bought 3 E740s and switched from Palm to PPC. I’m very sorry I did. It looks like I’ll go back to Palm again and forget about Toshitba and PPC.

if other xpa250 motored brands offer the upgrade, it hink Toshiba has to explain something…
Doesn’t Toshiba has product responsibilities?

Just return your e740 to your resseller and demand money back!, The product doesnt allow going SOFTware upgrades within its warranty periode due to what reason ever.

Toshiba really has a problem: the e740 is mallfunctioning,it doesnt forefill reasonable expectations.

Toshiba’s semi arogant atitude about this problem wont help them out, the product seems to be not o.k., so that shall be compensated.

We deserve an pocket wondows 2003 update.