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If you ever wondered about the proper use of the apostrophe, search no more! A tidy little site is available to solve all your questions, the Apostrophe Protection Society.

The Apostrophe Protection Society was started in 2001 by John Richards, now its Chairman, with the specific aim of preserving the correct use of this currently much abused punctuation mark in all forms of text written in the English language.

It is interesting to note, that many of the examples of bad usage are being taught in public schools all across the United States. For instance, I remember being taught that when referring to the symbolic representation of plurals. One example would be 1900’s when referring to the years that made up the 18th century.

I wonder just how many things in this vein have changed over the years? And when does a prior practice cease to be correct? For example, I was taught that when you have a mark of punctuation ending a sentence, that you put two spaces before beginning the next sentence in the same paragraph, but I have been led to believe that this is no longer being taught, nor expected.

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Katherine Houghton Hepburn, died Sunday, June 29, 2003 at her home in Old Saybrook, CT.

She one the most decorated actresses in the industry. Until this year she held the record for the most Academy Award nominations.

Her credits included: “On Golden Pond” in 1981, “Lion in Winter” in 1968, and “African Queen” in 1951, co-starring with Humphrey Bogart.

The following quote typifies Hepburn’s life as well as her acting career:

“I’m a personality as well as an actress,” Hepburn once said. “Show me an actress who isn’t a personality, and you’ll show me a woman who isn’t a star.”

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Our system administrator is the proud papa of a baby girl! Emma June Barton was born around 7:30pm on Friday, June 27, 2003. She is 19.5″ long and weighs in at 6lbs. 12oz.

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If you are a user of the Toshiba e330 and/or e740 Pocket PC handhelds, then you may want to visit the Toshiba Online Petition

The e740 community has been anxiously awaiting some word from Toshiba as to whether or not we will get an OS upgrade. Toshiba has been non-forthcoming on this, and the conflicting information coming from the technical support and customer service reps has been frustrating to say the least.

An online petition has been created to voice our opinion and desire that Toshiba upgrade the OS.

This is quite a volatile issue. For more on the whole probelm check out the e740 forums at Brighthand Handheld Forums

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Welcome to the foremind. I was running pMachine, but when our server was reconfigured on a new host, I made the jump to Moveabletype.

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