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Well, I am once again trying my hand at something other than RedHat or Mandrake for my desktop box.

I kept thinking to myself, “Self, you are getting into a GUI-install rut with Mandrake and RedHat. You should try something else.”

So, off I went to the distribution list at Linux Online to find myself a new distribution.

At first I had settled on Debian. Then I kept running into issues with the stable tree not having enough updated components. So after some searching I found out that I could install the testing tree instead. But then I found out that KDE 3.1.2 wasn’t in the testing tree.

After some more googling[?] about Debian “sarge/testing” and KDE 3, I found a nice page that detailed a way to install it. (Don’t have the link handy, will post it tomorrow).

This failed miserably.

So now I am trying to install a distro called Gentoo Linux.

Wish me luck. 🙂

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