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Well, just when you thought the removeable rack was great security, they went and upgraded it. Now to access the drive you have to have a crypto-key. That’s right, it look just like those USB storage keys, but it allows you to access or block access to your removeable-rackmounted HD.

Check it out here.

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Well, this may be old news to some people, but after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, the USA Patriot Act required all U.S. colleges and universities to register all foreign students is a database.

Well, looks like the database has serious problems. According to an article in Government Executive.

So here’s a great incentive to foreign students: come to the U.S. for a great education, not only is it more expensive, but you get to pay for your own surveillance too!

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Well, if you are trying to weasel out of paying for a copyright, there is a new way to do it: get the material referenced in a law, or better yet have the material become the law.

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of a Fifth Circuit decision that basically says: if your standard or code is referenced in a law, then is becomes uncopyrightable, even if it was copyrightable before it was in the law.

For a better summary with more explanation, read Peter Veeck’s summary.

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