Clean install HP ENVY 8 Note – the foremind


Today I embarked on my voyage to refurbish and restore to working order all my unused technology gadgets that I have let gather dust in my closet.  The first of these is my HP ENVY 8 Note Windows Tablet.

I purchased this quite some time ago when I was using Windows Mobile 10 for a phone platform and converted most everything in my personal arsenal over to Windows land.

At some point I installed Ubuntu on the tablet as well as Arch Linux on it, but today I wanted to restore it back to it’s original OS.  Thanks to Smays Micro USB Ethernet Adapter and USB hub combo, I was able to connect a USB keyboard, mouse and USB thumb drive to it in order to perform a normal clean install of Windows 10 onto the tablet.

After installing all the available OS updates and the available app updates from the Microsoft Store the tablet is as good as new, in fact it actually works better than the original installs, which is likely a testament to the continued development by the coders at MS.

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