Checking your password expiration date – the foremind

While logging into one of the Linux jump boxes at work today, it occurred to me that while I recently got notified about my password expiration from our Active Directory farm, I had no idea when my Linux password would expire or what the password life was.

To find out this information you can easily use the chage command.

Here is what the output looks like:

[code language=”bash”][[email protected] ~]$ chage -l user Last password change : Apr 09, 2015 Password expires : Jul 08, 2015 Password inactive : never Account expires : never Minimum number of days between password change : 1 Maximum number of days between password change : 90 Number of days of warning before password expires : 7


It may seem like such a simple thing to do, but knowing when your password expires can be a lifesaver on occasion.

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