Workaround for HipChat on openSUSE – the foremind

I recently re-built my work laptop to run openSUSE due to continual crashes of GNOME Shell on my Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 spin.  One of the apps that we use at work is Atlassian’s HipChat client.  HipChat has an artifactory repo where you can download the rpm bundle for use on CentOS, openSUSE, Fedora, etc.  After installing the client I was presented with a blank screen on launching the app.

I tried the flag to disable the GPU support, as I had seen that as one solution for a few Ubuntu users, but that wasn’t the solution.

What I was seeing in the logs turned out to not be an issue with the GPU, but an issue with the built-in version of Qt5.  It turns out that there is a bug with respect to running 32-bit sandboxed apps on a 64-bit OS.

/qwebengine/qtwebengine/src/3rdparty/chromium/sandbox/linux/seccomp-bpf-helpers/**CRASHING**:seccomp-bpf failure in syscall 0281

The solution is to add the following value to the arguments passed in on line 4 of the QtWebEngineProcess file located in the /opt/HipChat4/bin directory of the HipChat install:


Thanks to the Arch Linux user falstaff_ch for putting this in a comment on the Arch Linux AUR entry page.

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