foremind » We have lost the war already

Every time that President Bush gets on stage, he always talks about the “War on Terror” and how we need to be vigilant so that we will win.

Has he not noticed that we have already lost? Yes, that’s right we have already lost.

According to Merriam-Webster, Terrorism is the systematic use of terror for coercion.

Can anyone point to a day in the last year or two that there wasn’t a news story about a bombing or killing or death in Iraq?

The main goal of any terrorist is to change the way their victim goes about their daily life. Sometimes it is through fear. Sometimes it is through tragedy, as in the destruction in New York. Sometimes it is through the actions taken by our very own government’s reaction.

In the U.S., our government has used to bullwhip of terror to enforce all sorts of infringements on the civil liberties of ordinary citizens. If you don’t support all the actions of the government, people call you un-patriotic. If you don’t approve whole-heartedly in the troop placement in Iraq, you are being disparaging of the good people of the armed forces, both past and present.

Does this ring a bell with anyone out there? Wake up people and smell the jackboots bearing down on your freedoms.

Next thing you know the Department of Homeland Security will be coming into ordinary stores and shop and enforcing complaints that have no validity. Oh wait, they already have as you can see in this story.

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