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Well, after much research into the Windows-based solutions, I decided to plunge into the non-commercial Linux-based personal video recorder (PVR) solutions.

Two main ones were out there: MythTV and Freevo.

I decided on MythTV, mainly for the wealth of modules that are available. Once I decided on the PVR software, then I had to pick a distro to run it.

I have used most of the major distros except for Slackware. I ended up choosing Gentoo, mainly for its spartan approach and the fact that all of the software is compiled at installation to optimize the eficiency of the binaries.

Check out my “mythic” journey here.

My next project will most likely be a computer for my car. There are several possibilities for this project:

  1. Full ATX mounted in the trunk.
  2. MicroATX mounted in the trunk.
  3. MiniITX mounted in a custom enclosure in the space currently occupied by the glove compartment.

Of the possibles mentioned above, the two that seem most likely are 2 & 3. The third option is the most appealing for it’s size. This is also the reason why I am even considering the other two options.

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