SiriusXM Customer Service Fail

Let me preface this post by saying that satellite radio is a great service.  You get access to a whole lot of content that you might not otherwise be able to access.  When I got my new 2012 Ford F150 XLT SuperCrew, I got a trial subscription for the first six (6) months to a subset of the SiriusXM stations.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the selections on the Electronic and Dance stations, the BBC content, stations from Canada, and a wide variety of news outlets, not too mention the comedy channels.

On September 3rd, my trial subscription expired.  I knew that it was going to expire.  In fact, I put a reminder in my personal calendar to warn me that the trial expiration date was arriving.  I liked the service enough that I was going to subscribe so that I could continue enjoying the service.

However when the renewal date approached, I determined that it was not financially smart to sign myself up for yet one more monthly payment at this time.  No big deal, I would just use Pandora, Spotify, Google Music and standard terrestrial radio until I was where I could pay for the subscription.

That’s where it all gets painful.  When the SiriusXM customer service representative called me to make sure that I knew my trial expiration was coming up I explained that I was not currently interested in signing up to pay for it.  When he helpfully (at least in his mind it was helpful) informed me that the monthly payment was only $16 a month, I ensured him that I had actually read the mailing they sent out and knew what the prices were and I just didn’t want to continue.

Now despite the belligerent tone of voice he continued to use to try and bully me into a subscription, I finally managed to get off the call without losing my temper (which was a major feat, let me tell you).  In a logical universe, they would mark my account as having declined service and to try again in a few months (but hopefully never since I did mention that I didn’t want them to call me again) and that would end the matter.

This is where SiriusXM has failed to gain a customer.  Almost every day so far this month I have received at least one call from the SiriusXM folks (866-903-7474) trying to suck me back into the fold.  This constant bombardment is a real pain in the rear.  I can understand one or two attempts, but at some point you have to realize that continued calls are not going to get the customer.

So here’s the email I sent to the SiriusXM Customer Service folks today after yet one more call:

I realize that my trial subscription has expired. In fact I even talked to your customer representatives at least once concerning this prior to the expiration.

I happily informed the customer service representative that I knew my subscription was going to expire and that I was not interested in converting my trial at that time due to the cost, and yes that I knew it wasn’t a lot each month if I subscribed for a year. After he kept trying to get me to convert, rather insistently to the point of belligerence, I finally was able to get him to hang up.

Recently I have been receiving calls from your company (866-903-7474) at least once a day (sometimes twice).

I realize that you would like to retain customers and to gain new ones, however when a current/former customer informs you that they no longer wish to continue the subscription, it doesn’t engender good customer relations to bombard them on a daily basis with calls.

For this reason it is unlikely that I or anyone in my household will ever subscribe to your services at any point in the future. I appreciate that you have made it even easier for me to embrace the free and/or ad-supported streaming services like Pandora Radio, Spotify, Live365, Google Music, and Amazon Music.

Andy Fore

So instead of caring about subscribing to SiriusXM, I will just use my mobile data plan to get the most out of Internet-based streaming services that I can.  I would rather give my money to my mobile provider for data usage than to SiriusXM, since Verizon doesn’t deem it necessary to spam me with phone calls about their services.

  • Pepper Croft

    My husband had a similar experience, except he was trying to sign up for it. He had an offer in a brochure that came with his Ford that if he signed up / renewed before the trial ended then he could get a deal. Sirius XM told him they were not aware of that trial and they could not honor it. He asked what kind of deals they had and they told him none. In fact the price they quoted him was higher than the price you listed above I think. Even better the rep said they might be able to give him a batter deal if he called back after his trial ended. They lost his business too.

  • Siriusxm employee

    Here is the thing: i’m a SiriusXM employee who can transfere the fair pic about what is happening on ” like ” each and every single call,
    the customer is calling to get the service to extended for ” let’s say ” another year of subscription, the subscription thatthe customer has is currently is promotional plan ” special price ” and there we go; cutomer asks for ” I WANT THE SAME DEAL THAT I’VE GOT BEFORE ” and he is asking for that like it’s a kind of right that we must give him a PROMO every renewal date, HOW COME we give every customer a very special deal on each renewal. and how come U as a pesrson expect to get a deal orspecial price on every due date. and never the less, ” some ” of these customers talk like giving the rep an order to give that price and if didn’t so they get a dissatisfied survey which for me means that the whole world is always looking for a way to the get what they want from the others as much as i can with the minimum cost. It’s a common concept that if we could save money so we do,but it’s not that fair to get angry on an employee who is just doing what he is authorized to do. And finally, the customer that was recieving calls, Sir, we do appologize for this inconvenience and that’s one of the methods that i really hate about the Company’s PHONE SYSTEM and also the non-well traned agents that have no common sense to understand who to push who’s not to be pushed. And i promiss if i’ve got promoted there; i’ll change alot of staff that would really save alot of hastle.

    • mattrlang

      This author claims to be a siriusxm employee. After trying to read the post I have no doubts that they are indeed, an employee. Imagine 30 to 45 minutes of trying to explain your problem to “John” or “Mary”. I’ve called probably 4 to 5 times over the past 5 years with problems. I have NEVER received anything even close to what I would consider even average customer service. Worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with, nobody else even comes close.

  • Tami V.

    I purchased a new car in Feb. of this year (2012) and received the trial subscription. Due to the cost and my lack of interest in it, I declined to start a full subscription. IN the FIRST phone call from them I told this AND to have my number removed from their call system. No Joke, I received approximately 4 calls each day 3-4 days for over a month straight! I am a patient person and realize the person calling is just doing their job, mindless as it may be…but it literally took me about a week ago to be verbally abrasive and tell them my rights in terms of harrassement. In addition, I also went online to their website and sent them a No Call, etc., etc. complaint as well as telling them in writing that if I receive 1 more phone call from them I will retain a lawyer and sue for harrassement. This is absolutely ridiculous! I totally understand.

  • Joe Searcy

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. My car car with a 3 month subscription to SiriusXM (even though it was not new!). After a while the service grew on me and I decided to do an annual subscription. I went online and viewed the multitude of service subscription options and ultimately chose a package that only included music (I’m not a fan of talk radio myself) for around $9.99/mo. To even view this plan option required some tinkering as it’s not immediate obvious when you view the offered subscriptions page, you must drill down a few more menus. After I paid for the subscription I was notified that my trial would still be honored and my paid subscription would start following the free trial. All in all I never had to speak with anyone at SiriusXM. I went through virtually the same process with Linds’ new car as well. Maybe I’ve been lucky that I’ve circumvented human interaction altogether!