Banner programming fun

So here at work we are running SGHE’s Banner Student Information System.  Part of the integration with the eFollett online bookstore isn’t working quite the way we want due to a bug that will not be fixed until Banner release 8.5 which we won’t have until sometime after classes start.

Due to the desire to find the books based on a class now, we had to create a system that would allow us to build the correct URLs for the eFollett system in a programmatic fashion.

The way we did it was to include an anchor tag as custom text within the Banner module.  The href attribute of the anchor tag contains an inline Javascript function that is used to pull the querystring parameters from the current Banner URL and pass that off to a separate system that will handle the redirection to the appropriate eFollett URL.

Too bad you have to be logged into the Banner account for it to work, since the query string is only available to an authenticated user.

The inspiration for this was the blog post Read URL GET variables with JavaScript by Ashley Ford.